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  • Study design developed
  • Research Ethics Board approved
  • Protocol standardized and harmonized across all study centres
  • Pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical steps designed and harmonized
  • Establishment of volunteer team
  • Implementation of promotion and recruitment plan


  • Development of the CALIPER website
  • Completion of publication of several pilot studies on instruments from major manufacturers (Abbott, Roche, Ortho)
  • Completion of analyte stability study
  • Completion of fasting and diurnal variation study


  • Publication of the CALIPER database
  • Completion of transference studies on commonly use analytical platforms
  • Development of the first edition of the CALIPER reference app for Apple and Android devices


  • CALIPER principal investigator awarded a seven-year CIHR Foundation Grant (2016-2023) to continue CALIPER initiatives
  • CALIPER awarded the 2015 Innovations Award by the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists
  • Development of the first edition of the CALIPER reference app for iPhone and Android


  • CALIPER database now accessed by thousands of healthcare professionals from over 110 countries worldwide
  • Publication of the CALIPER White Paper
  • Completion of the CALIPER Reference Interval Ethnicity study
  • Through a series of collaborations and transference studies, CALIPER continues to assist several other paediatric hospitals in Canada, USA, and internationally to implement routine use of CALIPER Reference Intervals in their clinical practice
  • Launch of the new CALIPER mobile app and CALIPER Pediatric Reference Interval Database