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SickKids patient Stella and her dog Thor
Lightning strikes twice: SickKids dream team and an unexpected companion (Friday, August 17, 2018)
When Farah Sheikh, Social Worker, received an email from a friend of a friend saying her Yorkshire Terrier had just had a litter of puppies and she was looking for a home for a very special one who had been born with a cleft lip, she knew the perfect family.
Centre for Global Child Health
The Maternal Vitamin D for Infant Growth (MDIG) trial in Bangladesh shows that maternal vitamin D supplementation does not improve fetal or infant growth (Thursday, August 9, 2018)
Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy and lactation does not affect fetal or infant growth up to one year of age, according to the results of The Maternal Vitamin D for Infant Growth (MDIG) Trial, led by researchers at SickKids and International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b).
Michael Apkon
SickKids President and CEO accepts new position (Wednesday, August 8, 2018)
The Board of Trustees of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) announced today that Dr. Michael Apkon, SickKids President and CEO, will be leaving SickKids to assume the role of CEO at Tufts Medical Centre and Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, Massachusetts. The transition will occur this fall.
End-of-life Care perspective
Death and Dying in PICU: Bringing academic focus and wisdom to frontline care (Monday, August 13, 2018)
Karen Dryden-Palmer and Christopher Parshuram, clinicians and academics in the SickKids Critical Care Program, give their perspective on end-of-life care.
Youth Day
What it means to have friends who understand (Friday, August 10, 2018)
International Youth Day serves as an annual celebration of young women and men as essential partners in change, and an opportunity to raise awareness of challenges and problems facing the world’s youth. As a sibling of a SickKids patient and a patient herself, Vanessa Williams shares her unique insight on the challenges of feeling “different” and “alone” and what it means to have a peer network that understands.
Link to perspective about opioid crisis
Intersection of the pain crisis and the opioid crisis (Wednesday, April 11, 2018)
Drs. Fiona Campbell and Lisa Isaac, staff anesthesiologists at SickKids, give their perspective on the intersection of pain and the opioid crisis.



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