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Clinical Dietetics

Welcome to the Department of Clinical Dietetics

Our vision

Champion excellence and leadership in pediatric nutrition.

Our mission

Provide the highest quality evidenced-based nutritional guidance and support of our patients.

We have dedicated registered dietitians who provide the highest quality evidence-based nutrition care in both inpatient and outpatient programs. Our certified lactation consultants manage the Breastfeeding Program and provide outstanding care to infants and their parents to support the use of human milk.

We work in a variety of settings and contribute to clinical care, resource and guideline development, quality improvement, as well as research. We precept dietetic students and provide nutrition education to visiting dietitians, medical, nursing, and a variety of trainees across the organization, nationally, and internationally.

Who we are

Registered Dietitians (RDs) are regulated health professionals within the province of Ontario. We specialize in several disease specific areas, and provide comprehensive nutritional support for each child and family. Here at SickKids our RDs specialize in particular areas of paediatric care and are recognized as experts in our field, highlighting nutritional needs as members of the health-care team.

Please visit the Breastfeeding Program to learn more about the role of lactation consultants at SickKids.

What we do

Registered Dietitians provide evidence-based nutritional care including nutritional assessment and growth monitoring of patients, recommend and guide nutrition care plans including specialized formulas, supplements, therapeutic diets, and parenteral nutrition, and offer nutrition-related education and counselling to patients and their families. Through the use of medical directives in the areas of nutrition support, enzyme dosing, and insulin adjustments, we maintain specialized standards of practice. Members of the Nutrition Advisory Committee (NAC) that reviews and oversees the monitoring and provision of nutritional support (oral, enteral and parenteral) to patients at SickKids.

The Department of Clinical Dietetics also provides nutritional education to other health care professionals, dietetic practicum training, and volunteer opportunities as well as participating in research, quality improvement, and resource development.

Supporting patients and families

Please note: the Department of Clinical Dietetics is not in a position to be able to provide general nutrition advice and a child must be connected through a physician or department at SickKids for referral to the dietitian within that program.

If you are meeting with a SickKids Registered Dietitian for the first time, be prepared to answer questions about your child’s diet, nutritional supplements and growth pattern. Please come prepared with any specific nutrition-related questions.

Nutrition resources and recipes

Get information about optimal nutrition for babies, toddlers, school-aged children and teens as well as healthy recipes. Information related to specific diagnoses and procedures is also available.

Donor breast milk

Information on human donor breastmilk is available through the Rogers-Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank.

Connected Care

Visit Connected Care for more information on home care for feeding tubes and central lines for home parenteral nutrition.

Feeding safety and assessment

Occupational therapists can support patients with feeding difficulties.

Student learning opportunities

Ryerson University

Masters Diploma in Dietetics

Our department partners with Ryerson University’s Professional Masters Diploma in Dietetics program, offering student placements. Apply through Ryerson University.

University of Toronto

Nutritional Sciences Graduate Studies

We are affiliated with the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Studies program at the University of Toronto.

Nutrition research topics

SickKids RDs participate in diverse nutrition research depending on their department of practice and clinical skill sets. Expand the list below for the full list.

  • amino acid metabolism
  • modified fat breast milk for chylothorax
  • using breast milk for ill and medically comprised infants
  • on-line education for gluten free diet teaching
  • nutritional management in children with CACT
  • heat modified starch in type 1 GSD, low glycemic index diet and modified cornstarch in GLUT-1 deficiency
  • implementing a clinical practice change through adopting the nutrition care process
  • ketogenic diet and hyperlipidemia, ketogenic diet and parenteral nutrition
  • trace elements in parenteral nutrition
  • growth outcomes in liver transplant
  • enteral feeding protocol outcomes post liver transplant
  • nutrition and body composition in gastrointestinal conditions
  • enzyme therapy
  • energy expenditure in lung transplant
  • food insecurity and diabetes self-management
  • assessment of carbohydrate counting accuracy
  • assessing impact of gluten-free diet in in Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease
  • blenderized enteral nutrition in a medically complex pediatric population
  • nutrition, energy expenditure, growth and outcomes in children with congenital diaphragmatic hernia
  • enteral nutrition in pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
  • resting energy expenditure in critically ill children

Contact us

If you require specific nutrition or breast milk advice please refer to resources listed above, AboutKidsHealth, or request your SickKids care team refer you to a registered dietitian or lactation consultant.

Inquiries regarding general information about the Department of Clinical Dietetics and our staff may be directed to:

Harjeet Kaur

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