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Various oblong shapes outlined in electric blue filled with small circles of yellow against a black background.

July 12, 2024

Cellular inflammation uncovered in rare neurodegenerative condition

The newly identified process could inform therapeutic targets for children with lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs).

A SickKids staff member taking a group selfie with SickKids 2024 prom-goers. There are golden balloons spelling out Prom 2024 in the background.

July 10, 2024

SickKids prom event makes an enchanting return after four-year hiatus

For three long-time patients, the return of SickKids’ annual prom event gave them a second chance at the one they had to miss.

Turquoise and red dots on a black background.

July 10, 2024

The molecule that could alleviate stroke-related brain injury

SickKids research identifies novel path to protecting the brain from stroke-induced damage.

Artistic rendering of a DNA helix

July 8, 2024

Genetic Alliance’s iHope Genetic Health (iGH) Program launches with SickKids and CHEO

SickKids joins program aiming to offer pro bono genetic testing to undiagnosed children in under-resourced communities

A young child riding a bike in a bike lane.

July 5, 2024

National Injury Prevention Day: Injuries aren’t inevitable

How can you prevent injuries while you are at home, at play, or on the move this summer? Learn more as SickKids recognizes National Injury Prevention Day.

Black and white photo of Dr. Bibudhendra (Amu) Sarkar and Dr. Andrew Sass-Kortsak speaking with three children with Wilson disease

July 4, 2024

Dr. Amu Sarkar honoured with Order of Canada

Sarkar is known for his work bridging scientific research and clinical care as the first basic scientist at SickKids.

Child sits in a wheelchair holding a tablet. Three adults in medical gowns, caps and masks are present. One leans over and speaks to the child.

June 28, 2024

Gene therapy halts progression of rare genetic condition in young boy

The findings from SickKids’ first single-patient gene therapy trial show promise in halting the progression of SPG50.

A child and mother in a swimming pool and smiling at the camera. The child is wearing a life jacket.

June 27, 2024

Summer Pool Safety: Staying cool and staying safe!

With the summer heat, many people turn to swimming pools to stay cool. Follow these safety tips to keep your family safe this summer.

An adolescent sits in a medical room looking at a care provider.

June 26, 2024

Depression in adolescents linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Study calls for precision care approaches to address premature cardiovascular disease risk in adolescents with depression.

Blue, purple and green circles are surrounded by smaller green circles against a grey background.

June 20, 2024

Imaging technology captures how neurons communicate with new clarity

Insights from advanced imaging technology show how neurons communicate at the atomic level for the first time.

An exterior view of the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning where windows are curved like waves.

June 19, 2024

Paving the way for precision dosing for neonatal infants

Newly awarded Banting Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Cindy Yeung is designing models to help predict dosage needs for infants less than four weeks old.

Collage of SickKids and CHU Sainte-Justine reseachers

June 18, 2024

Eight projects awarded $2.4 million to advance Precision Child Health

The funding is part of the Precision Child Health Partnership Catalyst Program between two of Canada’s largest child health research hospitals, SickKids and CHU Sainte-Justine. 

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