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The Garron Family Cancer Centre

In January 2008, SickKids launched the Comprehensive Cancer Centre. The Centre was designed to enhance and integrate all aspects of clinical, research and educational activities in the discipline of oncology at SickKids.

Two years later, in 2010, the Garron Family donated an unprecedented $30 million to SickKids to revolutionize the care and treatment of children’s cancer in Canada and around the world.

The donation transformed the Comprehensive Cancer Centre into the Garron Family Cancer Centre (GFCC), the largest paediatric oncology centre in Canada, and created five Endowed Chairs in Childhood Cancer Research. A generous new gift of $15 million over 15 years from the Garron family, beginning in 2021, will support the Garron Family Chairs in Childhoood Cancer Research and other high priority needs of the centre.  

Translation of new knowledge at the GFCC continues to transform clinical practice and improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for children and their families affected by cancer. Our vision is better outcomes for children with cancer though collaboration, innovation, and discovery.

Meet the Garron Family

Myron and Berna Garron’s son Michael was treated for cancer at SickKids for many years. In 1975, Michael passed away at age 13 from synovial sarcoma, a rare type of soft tissue cancer. Their unprecedented gift is an acknowledgement of the dedication and level of care Michael received and a commitment to help create more positive outcomes for childhood cancer patients and their families.


See how we’re impacting the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of children and young adults with cancer.

Training and Education

Check out training opportunities and education resources.

The Division of Haematology/Oncology

We're one of the largest divisions in the Department of Paediatrics.

Centre leadership

The GFCC is an innovative and collaborative virtual centre that brings together scientists, clinicians, and educators across multiple disciplines to advance the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer. GFCC faculty is far-reaching and its collaborators can be found throughout numerous divisions, departments and programs within the Hospital, Research Institute and the broader community.

  • Linette Margallo, MN

  • Kathryn Breckbill, PMP  
  • Donna Berry, PhD  

Centre programs

These are just a handful of programs from the GFCC that are making an impact in cancer treatment and research.

A black and white close-up image of an infant's hands holding onto their parent's palm.

The Garron Family Psychosocial Program

A childhood cancer diagnosis is distressing for the whole family including your child, siblings, caregivers, and other family members. The many changes ahead can be overwhelming, confusing, and can lead to mental-health struggles. To support children and families the Garron Family Psychosocial Program provides critically important psychosocial care and practical resources for patients, families, and caregivers. We are thankful to our generous donors who believe in our shared goals to support children and their families through their cancer journey with the critically important supports and mental-health resources that help improve quality of life. Without their support we could not achieve our goals. Our deepest gratitude to the Garron Family, Kindred Foundation and the Murphy Family Foundation.


In 2016, SickKids established the world-leading SickKids Cancer Sequencing (KiCS) Program, which was designed to analyze the genetic make-up of a child’s cancer to determine a patient’s unique genetic fingerprint, identify the cause of the tumor, gain information about prognosis, and implement personalized treatments. Together with PROFYLE, a trailblazing pan-Canadian program being conducted in partnership with the Terry Fox Research Institute, multiple childhood cancer foundcations, and all 16 paediatric cancer programs across Canada, KiCS matches nationally-collected sequencing data with potentially life-saving drugs.

New Agent and Innovative Therapy (NAIT) program

The New Agent and Innovative Therapy program (NAIT) at SickKids is supported in part by the GFCC and is focused on providing access to new drugs and other treatments for childhood cancer patients. For more information about current clinical trials and eligibility, contact us today.

MIBG Program

To deliver this targeted radiation safely to children, and to keep families and hospital staff safe, a specialized room, equipment and healthcare team with special training are needed. SickKids' MIBG room includes state-of-the-art equipment and specialized Neuroblastoma and MIBG Therapy Programs.

SickKids Podcast VS Cancer Genetics: Curing Cancer Through Gene Sequencing

Baby Izaan was in trouble. Despite multiple rounds of chemotherapy, his tumour continued to grow, and time was running out. Izaan’s oncologist, Dr. David Malkin, enrolled him in KiCS: The SickKids Cancer Sequencing Program. The hope? That by analyzing the tumour’s DNA, they could figure out how to stop it.

Listen to the podcast episode

The GFCC Strategic Plan: Integrating Research – Innovating Care 2020–2025

The 2020–2025 Strategic Plan outlines the foundational essentials and new strategic priorities that will enable Integrating Research – Innovating Care. This plan was developed with broad engagement of both internal and external stakeholders and will guide the focus and investment of the Centre over the next five years.

Side profile of a woman wearing a mask. The text reads: Collaborating for a day in the life of a chemotherapy drug at SickKids

A Day in the Life of a Chemotherapy Drug

Ever wonder the steps involved to make a chemotherapy drug? Watch this video to learn more about the many steps and people involved to make one dose of a chemotherapy drug at SickKids.

Colourful backpacks, one with a panda pattern while the other has a flamingo pattern. Text reads: Blina Backpack 2.0

The Blina Backpack

Patients, parents and clinicians collaborated to inform the design for an innovative backpack that delivers an at-home, 28-day continuous infusion of the cancer immunotherapy blinatumomab.


Latest news

Meet the 2023 Garron Family Cancer Centre Shining Stars

September 20, 2023

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Meet the Shining Stars in Cancer Care!

In honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, SickKids recognizes our Shining Star nominees for their contributions to cancer care and support.

A group of about 20 people sitting around a table in a boardroom. Many of them have their laptops open or looking toward a large screen at the front of the room that is displaying a presentation slide.

January 26, 2023

SickKids study demonstrates how comprehensive genetic sequencing informs a new standard of cancer care

SickKids Cancer Sequencing (KiCS) program conducts comprehensive sequencing for 300 young patients with cancer in first for Canadian precision oncology.

(left to right) Dr. Ronald Cohn, Member of Parliament (MP) Adam van Koeverden, Dr. David Malkin, Dr. Jim Whitlock, Adrienne Co-Dyre, Helena Kirk, Dr. Fei-Fei Liu, MP Pam Damoff

January 18, 2023

Canadian Pediatric Cancer Consortium launches to advance research in paediatric cancer care

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research is investing $23 million to establish the first Canadian Pediatric Cancer Consortium.

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