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Virtual Clinic Visits

A virtual clinic visit is like any other appointment with your SickKids clinician, except you will be seeing your SickKids team through your computer or smart device. Virtual visits are booked by your clinic or health-care team. If you have questions about your care or upcoming visit, please contact your clinic or health-care team directly.

As with an in-person visit, you are expected to be on time and to bring your child with you unless you are told otherwise. We strongly suggest you click on the link early and make sure your sound, microphone and camera are all working.

Supported by the Telemedicine Program

The Telemedicine Program at SickKids is committed to excellence in health-care services, innovation and education through the use of technology as a way to eliminate distance and connect patients with their health-care providers.

Technical support

If you experience technical issues connecting to your virtual visit, please contact us at 416-813-8046.


Test your equipment

It's a good idea to test your internet connection and equipment before your appointment.

Virtual urgent care

Not looking for virtual clinic appointments? Find out if your concern needs an emergency department or primary care visit or if you are eligible for a virtual urgent care visit.

Getting ready for your virtual visit

Be prepared for a virtual care visit by learning how to accurately measure your child’s height and weight at home. These measurements are an important part of your child’s assessment.

Learn more on AboutKidsHealth

If you have MyChart you will receive email notices to access the visit information within MyChart. You will need to confirm some information through an eCheck-in process, before you can click the “Begin Video Visit” button.

If you do not have MyChart you will receive an email with information about the visit a week before your appointment, and a day before an email with the “Begin Video Visit” button.

Make sure you can access the email with the “Begin Video Visit” button on this device. Make sure your Zoom app is the latest version.

Be available to join the visit 10 minutes prior and up to 30 minutes after the scheduled time, as your health-care provider may be delayed.

Please use a private, quiet, well lit space with internet for your visit.

Things to have with you during the appointment

  • Your or your child’s health card
  • Your pharmacy’s contact information
  • Pen and paper to take notes if needed

AboutKidsHealth resources

Learn about virtual care visits, how to prepare for one and what to expect during a virtual appointment on AboutKidsHealth.

Frequently asked questions

Virtual care is health care over a distance. Instead of coming to the hospital, the appointment takes place using a telephone, computer or mobile device. It’s another option for you to connect with your child’s health-care team to receive convenient, high-quality care.

Virtual care is not a substitute for in-person visits when your child needs to have a minor procedure, certain types of bloodwork or there is an emergency. Your clinical team will discuss with you if an appointment needs to be in-person or virtual.

The hospital does not charge for virtual visits, but you could be charged by your Internet or cellular service provider depending on your plan.

Your privacy is very important and the clinical team will ensure any information you provide during a virtual visit is secure.

SickKids will work to ensure that all families have equitable access to care. If you do not have the technology needed to participate, please talk to your health-care team and they will help to find a solution that is right for you.

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MyChart is a secure, online patient portal that provides patients and authorized family members and caregivers access to parts of their SickKids’ electronic health record, anywhere, at any time.

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Contact the Telemedicine Program

Telemedicine Program
Phone: 416-813-8046

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