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Knowledge Translation Program

Knowledge Translation (KT), knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE), knowledge mobilization (KMb) and dissemination are all terms that have been used to describe the complex set of activities involved in advancing knowledge generated from research into effective changes in policy or practice.

The KT program provides thought leadership and offers professional development, support and tools for KT across the hospital and in the community, both nationally and internationally.  The KT Program works with KT professionals, clinicians, researchers, educators, funders and other organizations to strengthen KT capacity, develop the KT profession, support growth of KT-friendly organizations and create research impact.  We offer professional development opportunities that help learners share research findings, implement new practices and programs, learn from one another, foster communication and improve collaboration skills.

KT Workshops and Resources

The program hosts three training workshops for internal and external participants, the Specialist Knowledge Translation Training™ (SKTT) workshop , the Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate™ (KTPC) and the Planning for Implementation Practice™ (PIP) workshop.

The program also provides KT tools and resources which are informed by evidence in KT and Implementation Science, as well as years of experience in the field. Our resources are designed to address knowledge and practice gaps, and are innovative and practical.

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Our Team

Renira Narrandes

Program Manager, Knowledge Translation

Melanie Barwick

Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Francis Routledge

Knowledge Translation Specialist, Knowledge Translation

Andrea Chiaramida

Administrative Coordinator, Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Kelly Warmington

Manager, Learning Institute

Kelly McMillen

Director, Learning Institute

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Phone: (416) 813-7654 ext. 228189

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