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Breastfeeding Support

Who we are

The Breastfeeding Program at SickKids is a team of registered nurses who are also lactation consultants and are specially trained to provide breastfeeding and lactation support to families with sick infants. We can help parents who are having any challenges with pumping or breastfeeding. We are primarily available to families of patients who are admitted to SickKids, but also see families in a few of our clinics.

If your child is not currently admitted at SickKids and you require breastfeeding support, please contact your birth hospital or visit Ontario Breastfeeds to find lactation support in your area.


SickKids provides hospital grade pumps and breast pump kits on each unit of the hospital. We ask that you use the SickKids’ pumps and kits while in hospital, as this is the best equipment to establish or maintain a breast milk supply for a hospitalized baby. Please ask your nurse for this equipment and for a referral to a lactation consultant for any concerns, such as pain with pumping or low milk supply.

Where to pump

If the baby is in NICU/PICU/CCCU:

  • 3 breast pump rooms in the NICU. *Only to be used by NICU families.
  • 1 breast pump room in the PICU/CCCU. *Only to be used by CCCU/PICU families
  • 1 secondary breast pump room with 4 pumping pods (Black Wing – Room 2319). *Only to be used by NICU/CCCU/PICU families.

Alternate pump rooms for any family:

  • Main Floor Rm. M464 open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • 7th floor Rm. 7732, open 24 hours.


Whether you are initiating breastfeeding for the first time, or are trying to resume breastfeeding after it has been interrupted by hospitalization, our team at SickKids is available to provide you with support, as needed.

When your baby is ready to breastfeed, as determined by your baby’s health-care team, you can request a referral to be seen by a lactation consultant. We can help with breastfeeding difficulties, such as:

  • difficulty with latch
  • nipple/breast pain
  • assessing milk intake at the breast
  • incorporating breastfeeding into a complex feeding plan


How to establish and maintain a breast milk supply

For detailed information and demonstrations on how to establish and maintain a breast milk supply, please watch these videos.

Pumping log

Tip! To track your milk volumes, it is helpful to use a pump log or pumping app.

breastfeeding icon

Resource booklet

For more information about pumping at SickKids please review our resource booklet.

Breastfeeding log

Tip! To monitor your child’s feeding, it is helpful to use a breastfeeding log or breastfeeding app.

AboutKidsHealth Learning Hub

Visit the AboutKidsHealth learning hub for more helpful tips and information about breastfeeding.

Contact us

Phone: 416-813-5757, option 2
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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