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Simulation Program

About the Program

The Simulation Program is an ever expanding, diverse, collaborative program that has been in formal operation since 2009. The Simulation Program was initially accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2013 and most recently renewed in 2023. The Simulation program supports over 5,600 learners and facilitates more than 24,400 learner hours each year.  

Through the work of the core operations team, support from a unique interprofessional steering committee and educational partners, the Simulation Program provides:

Procedural skills training

Individual and team training for clinical and non-clinical learners

Space, systems testing and commissioning

Simulation research

Community outreach

International teaching

Virtual simulations

Improve child health outcomes and systems of care worldwide through learning and education

At SickKids, we believe that the very best outcomes are achieved through an enhanced culture of improvement, safety, and competency-based performance. This can be accomplished through building a world-class simulation program through the expansion of networks, integration of expertise and use of innovative teaching methodologies, emerging technologies and research. Ultimately, simulation will transform the future of healthcare by inspiring exceptional performance and informing the systems, processes, and interprofessional environment in which we work.

Our Team

The Simulation Program has a core operations team consisting of eight full-time and part-time staff with diverse skills ranging from technical, clinical and administrative expertise. The Simulation Educators and Resuscitation and Simulation Educators provide debriefing skills and clinical knowledge paired with Simulation Specialists who provide technical expertise. The team is led by Emily Louca, Education Manager.

Emily Louca

Director, Simulation

Carrie Mendolia

Administrative Coordinator

Leah Shoemaker

Program Coordinator

Roger Correia

Simulation and Resuscitation Educator

Jennifer Allegro

Simulation Educator

Alison Dodds

Simulation Educator

Erin Erlandson

Simulation Educator

Sunayna Vuppal

Simulation Educator

Rafael Velasquez

Sr. Simulation Specialist

Patrick Akkad

Simulation Specialist

Ashley Deonarain

Simulation Specialist

Sydney Fair

Communications Advisor

Space and Equipment

The Simulation Program has many versatile spaces to meet the objectives of various learners. The new 11,500 sq. ft. Simulation Centre is in the Patient Support Centre, 175 Elizabth Street.  

The new Simulation Centre has four simulation suites, four debriefing rooms, six OSCE style suites, two large multipurpose rooms for procedural training and large group sessions, Immersive suite equipped with projection technology and capable of VR training, the SimKids Invention lab housed with 3D printers and a student lounge 

The Simulation Program is mobile and the team delivers in-situ simulations in many units, as well as, travelling to hospitals throughout the community to facilitate training and quality improvement work. 

The Simulation Program currently has a variety of task trainers and manikins to support many different learning objectives: 

  • Neonate
  • Infant
  • Child
  • Adult

  • Infant
  • Child

  • Cricothyrotomy Trainer
  • Front of neck access task trainer
  • Bronchoscopy Trainer
  • Neonate and Child Intubation Trainers
  • Pierre Robin Difficult Intubation Trainer
  • Infant and Child IV Arms
  • Infant and Child IO Legs
  • Arterial Puncture Trainer
  • Neonate Scalp Injection Trainer
  • Central Venous Catheter Simulator – U/S compatible
  • Vascular Access Child
  • Chester Chest – Central/PICC line insertion and care trainer
  • Premature Neonate Trainer
  • Urethral Catheterization Trainer
  • Suture Trainers
  • Neonate and Infant Lumbar Puncture Trainers
  • Infant Nasogastric Trainer
  • Neonate and Infant Chest Tube Trainers
  • Otoscope Simulator 
  • Symbio Heart Rhythm ECG Simulator box
  • Zoll defibrillator

Contact the Simulation Program

For any questions regarding space, equipment, courses or general inquiries please connect with us.

Phone: (416) 813-7654 ext. 414658

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