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Pain Assessment in Infants

The Premature Infant Pain Profile-Revised (PIPP-R) is a well-established, valid and reliable neonatal pain assessment measure, and the accompanying PIPP-R e-Learning Module is a user-friendly on-line educational tool developed to provide clinicians with the knowledge and skills to administer this measure in practice. Module content covers differences and similarities between the original PIPP and PIPP-R measures, defines the pain indicators that form the basis of the PIPP-R, and includes a variety of engaging and interactive strategies (illustrations, quizzes, and case studies) to teach users how to score pain in term, preterm, and extremely low gestational age neonates.

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Dr. Bonnie Stevens’ program of research focuses on generating new knowledge on pain assessment and management for hospitalized infants and developing knowledge translation (KT) strategies to improve pain outcomes in health care settings.

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