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Headshot of Dr. Uri Tabori.

Uri Tabori

Title: Section Head, Neuro-Oncology, Division of Haematology/Oncology
Designations: MD
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 1503
Alternate Contact Name: Nick Roselli
Alternate Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 424679
Alternate Email:
Chair Positions: Garron Family Chair in Childhood Cancer Research

Research Positions

Senior Scientist
Genetics and Genome Biology


Dr. Uri Tabori maintains an active clinical practice in the treatment of children with cancer, focusing particularly on those with brain tumours. Based on his clinical and research interests, Tabori participates in the development of systems for early detection and intervention in individuals determined to be at high-risk of developing brain tumours. This includes patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 and 2, Li-Fraumeni syndrome and mismatch repair genes.


The Tabori lab is focused on combining biological and translational research in paediatric oncology. Specifically, we are interested in studying mechanisms underlying brain tumor immortality and recurrence in the context of predisposition to cancer. Currently our group is studying 3 major areas related to this concept:

  1. Telomere maintenance and cancer recurrence
  2. Cancer predisposition syndromes
  3. Paediatric gliomas

Education and experience

  • 1987–1993: MD, Hadassah School of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • 1994–1995: Rotating Internship, Sorasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • 1995–1999: Residency, Department of Pediatrics, Sorasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • 1999–2002: Fellowship, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel.
  • 2002–2003: Staff, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer and Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • 2003–2006: Research and Clinical Fellowship. The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada.

  • 2012–2014: Early Researcher Award. Ontario Ministry of Development and Innovation.
  • 2010–2014: Canadian Institute of Health Research, New Investigator Award
  • 2012: Junior Physician Researcher Award, Department of Paediatrics, University of Toronto.
  • 2010–2013: The Terry Fox Foundation, New investigator Award.
  • 2010: Eureka! International course of translational medicine (awarded for new investigators), Sicily, Italy
  • 2006: 1st Prize, 18th Annual Pediatric Resident/Fellow Research Competition. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • 2006: 3rd Prize, Department of Paediatrics Resident and Fellows Research Day competition, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • 2006: Young investigator award: The Canadian Neuro-Oncology society.
  • 2006: Merit Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.
  • 2005: Research for Trainees Competition (RESTRACOMP) Fellowship Award, Research Institute, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • 2005: 1st Prize, Department of Paediatrics Resident and Fellows Research Day competition, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • 2004: 1st Prize, Department of Paediatrics Resident and Fellows Research Day competition, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • 2004: Scholar-in-Training Award, American Association for Cancer Research, Special Conference: The Role of Telomeres and Telomerase in Cancer.
  • 2003–2005: Research Fellowship (Salary Award), Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University/The Hospital for Sick Children Medical Exchange Program


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  5. Castelo-Branco P, Choufani S, Mack S, Methylation of the TERT promoter and risk stratification of childhood brain tumours: an integrative genomic and molecular study. Lancet Oncology 2013 May; 14(6):534-42. SRA

  • 2019–2023: Principal Investigator. Clinical translation of novel immune-based combination therapies for Paediatric Hypermutant cancers. Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), Pediatric Catalyst Research Grant. Principal Investigator: Tabori, U. 4,000,000.00 CAD.
  • 2019–2022: Principal Investigator. Biological and pre-clinical studies to enable TIL therapy clinical trial in pediatric hypermutant cancers. V-foundation USA. Principal Investigator: Tabori, U. 600,000 USD.
  • 2019–2022: Co-Applicant. NanoStrng Couner Vantage 3D platform-based complementary diagnostic tests for precision medicine in pediatric cancers. Genome Canada. Principal Investigator: Hawkins C. Co-applicants: Somers G., Tabori U. 3,978,462 CAD.
  • 2019–2021: Principal Investigator. Catalyzing the University of Toronto as a Global Epicenter for Translational Research and Training. Connaught Global Translational Award. Collaborators: Gotlieb A., Ferenbok J. 200,000 CAD.
  • 2019: Principal Investigator. A comprehensive clinical and molecular characterization of low grade gliomas in adolescents and young adults. B.R.A.I.N Child. Principal Investigator: Tabori, U. Canada. 25,000 CAD
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