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CALIPER = Canadian Laboratory Initiative on Paediatric Reference Intervals Database

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CALIPER (Canadian Laboratory Initiative on Paediatric Reference Intervals) is a nation-wide initiative to improve the diagnosis and care of children, both at SickKids and at healthcare centres across Canada.

Often, when your doctor wants to diagnose an illness or needs to perform a routine check-up to make sure you are healthy, he or she will ask to take a sample of your blood. That sample is sent to a laboratory where it is tested. The results of that testing can be used to determine all kinds of things—the way your health has changed over time, how you compare to other people your age, and even the kind of treatment that might help you to feel better. 

CALIPER aims to establish a database of “normal” test values—a guide that can be used to compare your test results to the test results of other healthy people of your age and gender. This database will be shared with healthcare centres and children’s hospitals across Canada and worldwide to ensure that your laboratory test results are well understood, no matter where you or your family are receiving medical care.

Here you will find information about how to become involved in CALIPER as a participant, a volunteer, or a community partner. For physicians and researchers, please make sure to visit our Healthcare Professionals section to learn more about the reference intervals that have been established so far.