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Cardiac Transplant Program
Cardiac Transplant Program

Who we are

After-Hours Emergencies:

Patients: Call Hospital Locating at 416-813-7500 and ask for the Transplant Nurse on Call.
Physicians: Call Hospital Locating at 416-813-7500 and ask for the Cardiologist on Call.



Anne Dipchand, MD FRCPC
e-mail: anne.dipchand@sickkids.ca
Phone: 416-813-6674

Transplant Cardiologists

Paul Kantor, MBBCh, FRCPC
e-mail: paul.kantor@sickkids.ca
Phone: 416-813-6674

Seema Mital, MD
e-mail: Seema.mital@sickkids.ca
Phone: 416-813-6674

Information Coordinator

Michelle Wright
e-mail: michelle.wright@sickkids.ca
Phone: 416-813-5623

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Nurse Practitioner

Kathy Martin, RN, MN (ACNP)
e-mail: kathy.martin@sickkids.ca

Heart Transplant Nurses

Mirna Seifert-Hansen, RN, BScN
e-mail: mirna.seifert-hansen@sickkids.ca

Alison Drabble, RN - Heart/Lung Transplant
e-mail: alison.drabble@sickkids.ca

Transplant Surgeons

Christopher Caldarone, MD
e-mail: christopher.calderone@sickkids.ca

John Coles, MD, FRCSC
e-mail: john.coles@sickkids.ca

Glen Van Arsdell, MD
e-mail: glen.vanarsdell@sickkids.ca

Osman Al-Radi, MD, FRCSC
e-mail: osman.al-radi@sickkids.ca

Social Workers

Ruta Niedra, MSW, RSW - Transplant/Cardiology
e-mail: ruta.niedra@sickkids.ca

Samantha Anthony MSW, RSW, PhD(c) - Transplant
e-mail: samantha.anthony@sickkids.ca
Phone: 416-813-7006

Clinical Dietitian, Cardiology & Cardiac Transplant

Louise Bannister, RD, CNSD
e-mail: louise.bannister@sickkids.ca

Staff Psychiatrist

Arlette Lefebvre
e-mail: arlette.lefebvre@sickkids.ca

Occupational Therapy, Transplant Program

Alaine Rogers, BSc.OT,OT Reg(Ont)
e-mail: alaine.rogers@sickkids.ca


Robin Deliva, MSc, BSc PT – Heart/Lung Transplant
e-mail: robin.deliva@sickkids.ca

Vanessa Pellow, BSc Biol, BSc (PT)
Cardiology, Heart/Lung Transplant
e-mail: Vanessa.pellow@sickkids.ca

Transplant Pharmacist

Nadya Nalli, BSc.Phm
e-mail: nadya.nalli@sickkids.ca

Anita Babu, BSc. Phm
e-mail: anita.babu@sickkids.ca

Adolescent Health Specialist

Miriam Kaufman, BSN, MD, FRCP
e-mail: miriam.kaufman@sickkids.ca

Research Associate

Stacey Pollock-BarZiv, PhD(c)
e-mail: stacey.pollock@sickkids.ca

Research Nurse

Tina Allain-Rooney, RN
e-mail: Tina.allain_rooney@sickkids.ca