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Patients and families

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Welcome to our Patients and Families page.  We hope this page will answer many of your questions and concerns. In turn we hope to hear from you for feedback as well. Below are some great links to help make your visit or stay with Sickkids as easy as possible.


A Child Life Specialist provides therapeutic play programs designed to reduce stress and help patients cope with hospitalization.  They help prepare children for medical and surgical procedures and much more. Read more.


The SickKids Family Guidebook will help you navigate your way through SickKids and provide you with information you need during your time here. The Family Guidebook is an important information resource for families coming to or already at SickKids. It helps families prepare for their time at SickKids, and has information on the many supports and services available to patients and families once here. There are also many 'Parent Tips' to be found along the way and a handy list of important contact numbers.

To download a copy of the guide, click on the link above. For other helpful links, see the right hand side menu, concerning coming for surgery, visiting and more. 



This website is full of great resources about heart health and much much more. You can browse topics such as:

  • Heart and Blood Vessel Disorders
  • Heart Catheterization: Getting Ready for the Procedure 
  • Heart Medication
  • Heart Rhythm Problems (Arrhythmias)
  • Heart Surgery
  • Heart Tests
  • Heart Tumours
  • Heart Valve Problems



Create your very own website to share life at Sickkids with your friends! Visit our CarePages to create an account.  Receive support from friends and family.  Visitors to your CarePage send you messages of encouragement, giving hope and strength even in the most difficult situations.

Update them at the same time without repeated phone calls.   Keep in touch before, during, and after hospitalization.

Recognize outstanding staff members. Compliment your favorite hospital staff by sending them a thank you through your CarePage.

Starting a CarePage is easy!  Set yours up in less than 10 minutes.

To get started, visit http://www.carepages.com/sickkids and click on “Create a CarePage”.