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Patients and families

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Welcome to our patients and families page.  We hope this page will help you find some of the information you need.  In turn we hope to hear from you for feedback as well. 


Preparing before the surgery will help to ensure things run smoothly on the day of your child’s procedure. Visit Preparing for Surgery for some great links to help make your visit or stay with SickKids as easy as possible.  There you will see a checklist to help you make sure you and your child are ready.

See Visiting SickKids for resources and tips for the day of surgery, including guidelines on the following:

    • Arrival at the hospital (registration)
    • Pre-Operative Nursing assessment/screening
    • Pre-Operative Playroom/Waiting Room assessment
    • While your child is in surgery (Surgical Waiting Room)
    • Your child's recovery in PACU (Post Anesthetic Care Unit)


    • SickKids/Parking
    • Staying at SickKids
    • Coming for surgery
    • Coming for a clinic appointment
    • Coming to Emergency
    • Patient safety
    • Shop and eat at SickKids
    • Staying connected while at SickKids
    • Visiting a patient
    • International patients
    • Tour SickKids
    • Advice for parents (before arrival)


A Child Life Specialist provides therapeutic play programs designed to reduce stress and help patients cope with hospitalization.  They help prepare children for medical and surgical procedures and much more. Read more.



This website is full of great resources about heart health and much much more. You can browse topics such as:

Visit AboutKidsHealth.ca