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Perfusion services

Perfusion Services is a department within the Labatt Family Heart Centre. A Perfusionist works within the operating room providing cardiopulmonary support for patients with complex congenital heart defects requiring corrective or palliative surgery.

Cardiovascular perfusion is employed during open-heart surgery to replace the normal functions of the heart and lungs, allowing the heart to be stopped to facilitate surgery. Perfusionists are responsible for maintaining a patient's circulation and respiration during surgery through the preparation and management of extra-corporeal circulation system. The Perfusionist collaborates within the interdisciplinary Extracorporeal Life Support services (ECLS) Program in the Critical Care Unit where children with potentially life-threatening cardiac and/or pulmonary failure unresponsive to conventional therapy, benefit from this support.

Major Orthopaedic and General Surgery patients are supported through the use of blood salvage technology within the scope of perfusion practice.

Perfusion Team

Lynn Crawford-Lean, Clinical Leader, CV Perfusion & ECLS Program

Andrea Sepa, Clinical Manager

Celeste Foreman, Perfusionist 

Paul Kratz, Perfusionist

Teraze McDougall, Perfusionist

Marlee Parker, Perfusionist 

Anamaria Stanisic, Perfusionist / Clinician Educator 

Jacqueline Stokoe, Perfusionist

Jian Wang, Perfusionist

Address, Phone, Fax

Phone:  416-813-6870
Fax:  416-813-2104

SickKids Perfusion Services
555 University Avenue
Black Wing, 2nd Floor, Room 2311
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1X8