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Cardiovascular Surgery

Research activities

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Our Labs

The Division participates in research that can be broadly divided into laboratory research and epidemiologic research

Drs. Coles, Hickey and Honjo each have laboratories. The division has been pre-eminent in congenital surgical epidemiology for decades. In the past five years we have moved towards obtaining funding for mechanistic and translational research. We intend to continue to pursue this course and expect to see higher impact publications in the translational field while at the same time maintaining our tradition of epidemiology research. We will also pursue innovative strategies such as further development of hybrid type surgery.

The cardiac surgeons at The Hospital for Sick Children maintain translational research laboratories. For more information, see the Research Institute.

Congenital Heart Surgeons Society Database (CHSS)

Dr. Bill Williams directs the Congenital Heart Surgeons Society Database (CHSS), which is seen as the unbiased repository of truth regarding studies in congenital heart disease. It is a key component of the division and substantially enhances the institutions reputation internationally. At various times, all members of the division have projects on cohort studies that are initiated through the divisional database. The database has been managed on a daily basis by Gail Williams.

The CHSS Data Center resides at The Hospital for Sick Children and collects data from over 60 institutions across North America. The CHSS analyzes data collected from over 5,000 patients with lifetime follow up and generates regular publications at international meetings. A Kirklin/Ashburn Fellow trains in the Data Center to obtain a Masters or PhD degree based on statistical analysis of the CHSS cohorts. The Data Center is supported by institutional dues from all member institutions.

Clinical research

Clinical research at SickKids is based on a surgical database developed by Dr. Bill Williams in the early 1980’s and maintained through the ongoing work of Dr.  Williams and Gail Williams. This rich database has allowed the cardiac surgery group at The Hospital for Sick Children to maintain a high profile in the production of new clinical knowledge in the field of congenital heart surgery. Dr. Edward Hickey is developing extensive detailed databases to augment our clinical epidemiologic work.  

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