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Cardiovascular Surgery

Who we are

Dr. Glen Van Arsdell  |  Dr. Christopher Caldarone  |  Dr. John Coles  |  Dr. Christoph Haller  |   
Dr. Osami Honjo
 |  Dr. Edward Hickey

The Division of Cardiovascular Surgery operates as a component of the Labatt Family Heart Centre, which includes Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Intensive Care and Cardiac Research. 

The Labatt Family Heart Centre is an evolving structure that may ultimately include other clinical groups; however, these are the areas of expertise required for the care - and for the progress in care - of the congenital heart patient. Our strategic directions and daily accountability occurs within that structure.

The Division is staffed by a team of six cardiovascular surgeons. Click on the directory links below to reveal more about their research interests, achievements and bios.


Glen Van Arsdell, MD, FRCSC
Head, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery - SickKids
Chair, Division of Cardiac Surgery - University of Toronto

Email: glen.vanarsdell@sickkids.ca
Office: 1525, Hill Wing

Staff profile





Chris Caldarone, MD, FRCSC

Surgeon-in-Chief, Department of Surgery
Chief, Perioperative Services
Robert B. Salter Chair of Surgical Research
Research Institute - Senior Associate Scientist, Translational Medicine
Professor, Department of Surgery
Email: christopher.caldarone@sickkids.ca
Office:  1254, Black Wing

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Johh Coles, MD, FRCSC

Research Institute - Senior Associate Scientist, Translational Medicine
University of Toronto - Professor, Department of Surgery
Labatt Family Heart Centre - Cardiac Biobank, SAB
Email: john.coles@sickkids.ca
Office: 1518C, Hill Wing

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Christoph Haller, MD

Email: christoph.haller@sickkids.ca
Phone: 416-813-6420
Office:  1525, Hill Wing



Osami Honjo, MD, FRCSC

Hospital Tissue Bank - Medical Co-Director
Heart Transplantation & Mechanical Circulatory Support - Surgical Director
Research Institute - Associate Scientist, Translational Medicine
University of Toronto - Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
Email: osami.honjo@sickkids.ca
Office:  1525, Hill Wing

Staff profile



Edward Hickey, MD, FRCSC

Email: edward.hickey@sickkids.ca
Office: 1518B, Hill Wing

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