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volunteers at SickKids

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where and when do I apply for volunteer positions?

All of our volunteer opportunities, information about eligibility and program types are posted right here, on our volunteer page. If you are interested in applying you must submit your application online. In person applications will not be accepted. If your skills and qualifications meet the requirements of the position you will be contacted by Volunteer Resources. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

If you miss the deadline you will need to wait until the next intake. Late applications will not be accepted.

Volunteer positions are posted at different times depending on the program. 

Can you confirm receipt of my resume and the status of my application?

After you apply online to a SickKids job opening, you will receive an email acknowledging the successful receipt of your application. If you are selected for an interview, a SickKids staff member will contact you via email. Please check your junk mail.

I want to apply for a one-time event. Where do I do that?

You can inquire with the SickKids Foundation here. The Foundation offers one-time, special events volunteer positions.

Our company would like to volunteer together. How do we do this?

Corporate or group positions may be available at The SickKids Foundation here

Shadowing/observing doctors or medical procedures: can I do these as a volunteer?

No. As a volunteer you will not be allowed to shadow or observe doctors, nor will you be able to observe medical procedures.

I want to bring in my dog/animal. Can I?

No. All animals that volunteer at SickKids are first accredited by Saint John’s Ambulance.
After being accredited, your certified pet will be ready to apply for our PAWS for Hope program, proudly sponsored by PetSmart.

Where can I find your research positions?

Our research positions are found through self-referral. We will take care of the paperwork once you’ve been referred to us by a researcher.

How can I donate to SickKids?

If you’d like to donate to SickKids, you can do so here.

If your question has not been answered, please contact askHR: