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Six volunteers standing next to each other smiling
Volunteer Programs

Our Volunteers

Let our volunteers tell you why they love volunteering here.

Christian S.
Haematology and Oncology Day Treatment, Administrative Volunteer; Cardiac Unit Child Life Volunteer

I love giving back and being able to help out wherever I can. This opportunity made me realize that the administrative staff of SickKids play such an important role in keeping everything organized and running smoothly. I loved my time as an administrative volunteer so I decided to switch things up and come back as a Child Life Volunteer. I enjoy making patients smile and creating lasting memories with them.

Gurrattan C.
Surgical Services Unit Child Life Volunteer

Having started at SickKids as a high school co-op student, I am continuously amazed by the strength and resilience of patients and their families. As a volunteer, I enjoy bringing smiles through play – whether we are reenacting jungle scenes, playing board games or simply talking, each shift is a new experience. Being a part of the stories of so many patients makes my role truly remarkable!

Paula U.
Critical Care Unit Child Life Volunteer

I volunteer at SickKids because simple acts like cuddling an infant, playing with a child, or talking with a teenager can offer moments of respite for a patient, regardless of all that is going on. As a volunteer, you get to meet children from all walks of life. I am always inspired by the bravery and resilience of the patients, family and staff within the SickKids community.

Craig G.
Consistent Care Volunteer

Volunteering at SickKids, since the inception of the Consistent Care Programme three years ago, has truly been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Since stays in this unit tend to be long, strong bonds are created with both the children and their families. I am constantly astounded by the courage, strength and devotion I see on a daily basis, and would urge anyone considering volunteering to do so. Whatever you give will be returned in kind multiple times over.

Marie O.
CALIPER Project Research Volunteer; Pre-operative Care Unit Child Life Volunteer

Being part of the SickKids volunteer team both in CALIPER and Child Life is very rewarding and always heartwarming. At CALIPER clinics, healthy children of all ages show incredible care and concern for others by donating blood to aid in research of childhood diseases. Whether preparing materials for clinics, welcoming participants, gathering measurements or thanking the child volunteers, I feel honoured to play a small role in such an amazing hospital.