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Centre for Healthy Active Kids
Centre for Healthy Active Kids

Mission and Vision


A world where all children and adolescents lead healthy active lives.


Our mission is to advance research, education and family-centred clinical care locally, nationally and internationally in the area of child and adolescent obesity.   This will be achieved through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. We aim to prevent, understand and manage obesity and related disorders with the ultimate goal of improved health, wellness and quality of life for children and youth throughout the life course.


  • Explore new methods of prevention, treatment, research and education in the psychology, behaviour and biology of nutrition and physical activity.
  • Increase collaboration between health-science researchers to improve understanding of the causes, prevention, and treatment of weight-related cardio-metabolic and psycho-social health issues.
  • Advocate and educate health-care providers, families, educators, and policy makers on best-evidence strategies to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity as well as prevent and treat obesity in children and adolescents.