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Centre for Healthy Active Kids
Centre for Healthy Active Kids

Organizational Structure

The Centre for Healthy Active Kids represents interdisciplinary and interprofessional activities, both internally at SickKids and within the broader community. These clinical and research activities span several divisions and disciplines and are relevant to all of the Research Institute Programs. The Centre for Healthy Active Kids provides a unifying forum to allow the diverse community that has formed to continue to grow and bring in new partners to this area of medicine and science.

The Centre has struck two committees: the Executive Committee, which is charged with managing the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of the centre; and the Advisory Committee, which will assist the Executive Committee to set strategic goals, monitor performance and quality metrics as well as represent the centre’s broader membership.

The Centre for Healthy Active Kids Executive Committee members include:” followed by the list of our Executive. Let’s take out the Advisory because we’re in the middle of confirming everyone’s participation.

Executive Committee