The Centre for Genetic Medicine

Advancing clinical care through research, technology and knowledge

Individualized medicine is by no means a new idea at SickKids, but its implementation requires radical changes in the practice of medicine. The centre model concept is designed to promote collaboration among health professionals and leverage institutional and programmatic strengths to build system change with the long-term goal of advancing future policy development.

The Centre for Genetic Medicine will promote interdisciplinary groundbreaking research in genomics and genetic medicine, and support service and training initiatives for academic, government and private sector scientists worldwide. The centre will provide opportunities for innovation that will focus on discovery, translation and knowledge transfer.  

As one of the world’s foremost paediatric health centres, The Hospital for Sick Children is committed to a global vision of Healthier Children.  A Better World.

The Moynihan's Story

Published on Jun 19, 2012

The SickKids Centre for Genetic Medicine is bringing together the brightest minds in patient care, education, policy and research with the goal of one day making individualized treatment a standard of care for all children.

The Centre for Genetic Medicine has the potential to have a significant impact on the health of children, as 90 per cent of chronic diseases have a genetic component and known genetic diseases account for over half of hospital admissions.

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"The Centre for Genetic Medicine will change the future of paediatric medicine and pave the way for SickKids and Toronto to become leaders in the field of individualized medicine."

Dr. Ronni Cohn, Centre Co-Director