Garron Family Cancer Centre

The Garron Family Cancer Centre (GFCC) at SickKids is an innovative and collaborative initiative that brings together scientists, clinicians and educators from across the hospital to advance treatment of paediatric cancer. Approaching care in an integrated way offers the most promise to improve the overall health of children with cancer.

Why SickKids

Each year, approximately 1,400 children are diagnosed with cancer in Canada. A quarter of these children will come to SickKids, making it Canada’s largest paediatric oncology centre. The size and complexity of our patient population, together with specialized expertise in areas such as, bone marrow transplantation, new drug trials, and targeted therapies, uniquely position the GFCC as a centre of excellence in paediatric cancer research.

Discoveries being made at SickKids are poised to dramatically improve outcomes for children and families affected by cancer. SickKids provides a comprehensive range of options for young patients requiring the most critical cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. We are also the only children’s hospital in Ontario that provides bone marrow transplantation services, performing over 100 transplants in the past year.