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Cleft Lip and Palate Program

Who we are

The combined efforts of many specialists are needed to treat clefts of the lip and palate successfully. We believe that the team approach ensures the best possible care for our patients.

The Cleft Lip and Palate Team at The Hospital for Sick Children are dedicated to the care of children with this condition. We continue to strive for excellence in treatment. Our team meets regularly to develop a treatment plan for your child, and to ensure that your child receives the most effective care available. Our goal is to ensure that each child develops to the best of his or her potential.

Members of the Cleft Care Team


Team Member Contact Number
Medical Director Dr. David Fisher 416-813-6445
Plastic Surgeons Dr. Howard Clarke 416-813-6444
  Dr. David Fisher 416-813-6445
Dr. Christopher Forrest 416-813-8659
Dr. John Phillips
Dr. Karen Wong
Dr. Ronald Zuker 416-813-6774
Program Coordinator Cindy Guernsey, RN, BScN 416-813-7491
Audiologist   416-813-6770
Craniofacial Surgeons Dr. Christopher Forrest
Dr. John Phillips
Dietitian Veronika Langos 416-813-8575
Geneticist  Dr. Lauren Chad 416-813-6389
Occupational Therapist   416-813-4810
Oral Surgeon Marshall Freilich
Justin Garbedian
Albert Haddad
Orthodontists Dr. Arlene Dagys
Dr. John Daskalogiannakis
Dr. Austin Chen
Dr. Skaiste Naslenas
Dr. Neil Shapera
Dr. Kyle Stevens
Dr. Sunjay Suri
Dr. Bryan Thompson
Dr. Bruno Vendittelli
Otolaryngologists Dr. Paolo Campisi
Dr. Sharon Cushing   
Dr. Adrian James
Dr. Blake Papsin
Dr. Evan Propst
Dr. Nikolaus Wolter
Paediatric Dentist Dr. Edward Barrett
Dr. Sonia Chung
Dr. Michael J. Casas
Dr. Randi Fratkin
Dr. David Farkouh
Dr. Peter Judd
Dr. Shonna Masse
Dr. Ihab Suwwan
Dr. Deborah Lin
Prosthodontist Dr. Robert Carmichael 416-813-7433
Social Worker Farah Sheikh 416-813-6795
Speech-Language Pathologists Simone Fischbach
Paula Klaiman
Fran Margar-Bacal
Laurie Russell