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Clinicial Pharmacology and Toxicology

Who we are


Division Head
Shinya Ito, MD, FRCPC

Postgraduate Medical Education Director
Margaret Thompson, MD

FellowshipTraining Program Director
Irena Nulman MD, FRCPC Neurology, PhD (C)


Full-time and major part-time
Shinya Ito, MD, FRCPC  (Division Head)

Irena Nulman, MD, FRCPC Neurology, PhD (C) (Program Director, Fellowship Training Program in Clinical Pharmacology)

Margaret Thompson, MD (Medical Director, Ontario Regional Poison information Centre, Postgraduate Medical Education Director)

SickKids cross-appointees
Sheila Jacobson, MD
Dennis Scolnik, MD
Savithri Ratnapalan, MD
Chris Parshuram, MD
Sylvain Baruchel, MD
Bonnie Stevens, PhD
Anna Taddio, PhD
Yaron Finkelstein, MD

David Juurlink, MD

Marco Sivilotti, MD

Administrative Support

Hila Halshtok - Administrative Coordinator for the Division of Clinical Pharmacology
Leah Moscato - Information Coordinator for the DART Clinic
Donna Tedesco - Administrative Assistant for the Ontario Regional Poison Centre and Dr. Margaret Thompson