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Cochlear Implant Program


What can I expect if my child has a cochlear implant?

We cannot predict how well any child will progress with a cochlear implant.  A child's progress depends on many factors, including:

  • the age at which the child became deaf
  • the length of time in which the child has been deaf
  • family and educational support
  • family's and child's motivation
  • child's level of speech language development
  • child's cognitive development and learning style
  • presence of a cochlear abnormality


The cochlear implant:

  • will NOT provide normal hearing
  • will NOT guarantee intelligible speech or age appropriate language skills
  • will NOT guarantee educational success

However, with consistent use of the cochlear implant and ongoing training, the sound the child hears through the implant should become more meaningful and should enhance the child's ability to communicate.

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