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Cochlear Implant Program

Speech language forms

We have Canada's largest population of implanted kids and great resources with which to enter the fight for your kids.  The government and other funding agencies are incredibly interested in speech & language data (how well your child communicates) and that data isn’t making it back to Sick Kids as effectively as we would like.  These tests are often administered by the school or your child’s auditory-verbal therapist and though you might think they are sent back to us – they are not.  We can’t even test your child here because the test won’t be valid if it is done more than once in a certain time frame.  Once the tests are performed, the raw scores are reported to you (if you ask for them) and can only be sent here if you ask that they be sent here or if you send us a copy yourself.  In this world of confidentiality this is the way it works. 

Over the next few months we are going to be making a concerted effort to get all speech and language test scores sent to us and we may need your help.  Please download the Speech-Language Assessment Form and have your therapist fill it out.  If you have results from more than one test session, please print more copies of this form and fill one form out for each test session.  The forms can be mailed back to us (click here for mailing address) or faxed to 416-813-5036. 

Thank you for your help!