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Cochlear Implant Program

MedicAlert program

No Child Without - Medic Alert Program

The Cochlear Implant Program recommends that all children with a cochlear implant wear a MedicAlert bracelet to assist in identifying them as cochlear implant recipients in the event of an emergency situation.

In November 2006, MedicAlert announced the No Child Without Program which was developed to ensure that children across Canada from Junior Kindergarten to 14 years of age with medical conditions, allergies, or special needs are protected by the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, by providing  free membership.

MedicAlert is working with school boards across the country to implement the No Child Without program over the next 5 years. The program will be sponsored through the financial support of businesses and corporations to provide children the safety and security that comes with MedicAlert.

No Child Without is available through participating schools. For additional information regarding the No Child Without program, parents can contact 1-866-734-9423 or 416-646-4174, or visit No Child Without.  To determine if you school is a No Child Without school you may view a list of participating schools in this program at www.nochildwithout.ca.

MedicAlert does have a membership assistance program for families who are experiencing financial limitations. Please contact MedicAlert directly at 1-866-734-9423 or visit MedicAlert to learn more about the types of MedicAlert programs available to protect your child.