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Craniofacial Program


Here is a list of selected works published by the SickKids Centre for Craniofacial Care and Research:

Dr. C. Forrest

  • Budai M, Farkas LG, Tompson B, Katic M, Forrest CR. Relation between anthropometric and cephalometric measurements and proportions of the face of healthy young white adult men and women. J Craniofac Surg. 2003 Mar;14(2):154-61.
  • Farkas LG, Katic MJ, Forrest CR. Age-related changes in anthropometric measurements in the craniofacial regions and in height in Down's syndrome. J Craniofac Surg. 2002 Sep;13(5):614-22.
  • Farkas LG, Katic MJ, Forrest CR. Surface anatomy of the face in Down's syndrome: age-related changes of anthropometric proportion indices in the craniofacial regions. J Craniofac Surg. 2002 May;13(3):368-74.
  • Forrest CR, O'Donovan DA, Yeung I, Zeman V, La Scala G, Neligan PC, Pang CY. Efficacy of radioprotection in the prevention of radiation-induced craniofacial bone growth inhibition. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2002 Apr 1;109(4):1311-23.
  • Forrest CR. Application of endoscope-assisted minimal-access techniques in orbitozygomatic complex, orbital floor, and frontal sinus fractures. J Craniomaxillofac Trauma. 1999 Winter;5(4):7-12.
  • O'Donovan DA, Yeung I, Zeman V, Neligan PC, Pang CY, Forrest CR. Radiation-induced craniofacial bone growth inhibition: development of an animal model. J Craniofac Surg. 2001 Nov;12(6):533-43.
  • Fialkov JA, Holy C, Forrest CR, Phillips JH, Antonyshyn OM. Postoperative infections in craniofacial reconstructive procedures. J Craniofac Surg. 2001 Jul;12(4):362-8.
  • Lee C, Mankani MH, Kellman RM, Forrest CR. Minimally invasive approaches to mandibular fractures. Facial Plast Surg Clin North Am. 2001 Aug;9(3):475-87.
  • Al-Sannaa N, Forrest CR, Teebi AS. Trigonomicrocephaly, severe micrognathia, large ears, atrioventricular septal defect, symmetrical cutaneous syndactyly of hands and feet, and multiple cafe-au-lait spots: new acrocraniofacial dysostosis syndrome? Am J Med Genet. 2001 Jul 1;101(3):279-82.
  • Farkas LG, Forrest CR, Phillips JH. Comparison of the morphology of the "cleft face" and the normal face: defining the anthropometric differences. J Craniofac Surg. 2000 Mar;11(2):76-82.
  • Hopper RA, Zhang JR, Fourasier VL, Morova-Protzner I, Protzner KF, Pang CY, Forrest CR. Effect of isolation of periosteum and dura on the healing of rabbit calvarial inlay bone grafts. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2001 Feb;107(2):454-62.

Dr. J. Phillips

  • Phillips, JH, Rahn BA: Fixation Effects on Membranous and Endochondral Onlay Bone Graft Resorption. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1988: 82(5): pp 872-877. PA
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  • Gantous A, Phillips JH, Catton P, Holmberg D: Distraction Osteogenesis in the Irradiated Canine Mandible. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery 1994: 93 (1): pp 164-168. SRI.
  • Fialkov JA, Phillips JH, Walmsley SL, Morava-Protzner I:  The Effect of Infection and Lag Screw Fixation on Revascularization and New Bone Deposition in Membranous Bone Grafts in a Rabbit Model. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1996: 98(2): pp 338-345. SRI
  • Al-Quattan MM, Phillips JH: Clinical Features of Crouzon Patients With and Without a Positive Family History of Crouzon Syndrome. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 1997: 8 (1): pp 11-13. SRI
  • Alshail E, Rutka JT, Drake JM, Hoffman HJ, Humphreys R, Phillips JH et al:  Utility of Frameless Sterotaxy in the Resection of Skull Base and Basal Cerebral Lesions in Children. Skull Base Surgery 1998: 8 No.1: pp
    29-38. C
  • Chun K, Siegel-Barlett J, Chitayat D, Phillips JH, Ray PN:  FGFR2 Mutation Associated  With Clinical Manifestations Consistent With Antley-Bixler Syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics 1998: 77: pp 219-224.
  • Farkas LG, Phillips JH, Katic M: Anthropometric Anatomical and Morphological Nose Widths in Canadian Caucasian Adults. The Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery 1998: 6 No. 3: pp 149-151. SRI
  • Iconomou TG, Zuker RM, Phillips JH: Mandibular Reconstruction in Children Using the Vascularized Fibula. Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery 1999: 15 No. 2 : pp 83-90. C
  • Demianczuk A, Phillips JH, Dagys AP:  The Effect on Facial Growth of Pediatric Mandibular Fractures. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 1999: 10(4): pp 323-8. CPA
  • Matic D, Phillips JH: A Contradiction for the use of a Hydroxyapatite Cement, Bone Source in the Pediatric Population. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery 2002: 110(1): pp 1-5. C

Dr. C. Pang

  • Black CE, Huang N, Neligan PC, Forrest CR, Lipa JE, Pang CY. Contractile effect and mechanism of action of endothelin-1 in human radial artery and vein: Implication of skin flap vasospasm. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 41: 460-467, 2003.
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  • Pang CY, Xu H, Huang N, Forrest CR, Perreault TM, Neligan PC. Amplification effect and mechanism of action of endothelin-1 in U46619-induced vasoconstriction in pig skin. American Journal of Physiology, 280: R713-R720, 2001.
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  • Lipa JE, Neligan P, Perrault TM, Baribeau J, Levine R, Knowlton R, Pang CY. Vasoconstrictor effect of endothelin-1 (ET-1) in human skin: The role of ETA and ETB receptors. American Journal of Physiology, 276: H359-H367, 1999.
  • Pang CY, Forrest CR, Xu H, Zhang J, Lipa JE, Neligan P. Role and mechanism of endothelinB (ETB) receptors in meidating ET-1-induced vasoconstriction in pig skin. American Journal of Physiology, 275: R1066-1074, 1998.
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