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Craniofacial Program

Vascular Malformations Referral Parameters

Referring professionals accepted

  • Family physicians
  • Paediatricians
  • other specialists

Patient group parameters

Referred to vascular malformation clinic (phone 416-813-6013 fax 416-813-6637)

Vascular malformations including:

  • capillary malformations
  • venous malformations
  • arterial malformations
  • lymphatic malformations
  • combinations (including Klippel Trenaunay and Sturge-Weber Syndromes)


Hemangiomas are followed by dermatology unless there is a concern of risk to sight, airway or hearing. If you need a consult regarding options in dealing with residual hemangioma, patients can then be referred to a general plastic surgeon. If there is a question as to specific diagnosis, we may see them early.

Initial Visit

Within 1 to 6 months

Age limit

18 years

Pre-visit education material and instructions (mailed or faxed by clinic time frame permitting - otherwise given on day of visit)

Welcome to SickKids Clinics pamphlet and appointment card, Vascular malformation pamphlet, Centre for Craniofacial Care and Research Web site.

Referral Form

Click here for the referral form for vascular malformations.