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Critical Care Medicine


Looking back on 50 years of Critical Care at SickKids...

In 2018 the Critical Care Program at The Hospital for Sick Children celebrated its 50th year of service! Throughout the year a number of activities took place and culminated in the 50th Anniversary Gala on November 10th, 2018 at the Liberty Grand in Toronto.

The PRACTICAL Series kicked off the celebrations in January, and continued into October. This series consisted of 7 academic day long symposia focusing on various topics in critical care, such as continuing critical illness, ECLS, cardiocirculatory dysfunction, and more. The sessions provided practical and evidence-informed information and experiences to advance understanding, stimulate refection, and illustrate best practices when caring for children and families experiencing a critical childhood illness or injury. With an audience of over 400 frontline healthcare providers in attendance cumulatively, and with many viewing online from around the world, the PRACTICAL Series was a great success.

Finally November approached, and multiple academic activities took place in Toronto during the week leading up to November 10th. First there was the Risky Business Conference from November 5th to 6th. This conference took a unique look at risk management in healthcare and included a wide range of excellent speakers, drawing in nearly 150 attendees. Following this was the Canadian Critical Care Canada Forum (CCCF) from November 7th to 9th. During the final day of CCCF, an alumni gathering was held, allowing former colleagues catch up and hear experiences from many of SickKids’ past Critical Care trainees.

Last but definitely not least, was the amazing 50th Anniversary Gala on November 10th at the Liberty Grand in Toronto. The Program was established in 1968, and in 1981 became the first separate Department of Critical Care Medicine in a Canadian hospital. The Program grew. It is the largest in Canada and is recognized as amongst the best in the world for clinical care, education and research. On November 10th, 2018 we toasted to 50 years of service, clinical care, scholarship and education, and celebrated with friends and colleagues across the years. The 576 attendees at the Liberty Grand included members of the 400 fellows trained, and the thousands of past and present staff who provided care to over 70,000 children in these formative years. Words from those representing patients, leaders and trainees echoed the themes of the evening: quality care, commitment and compassion. Each etched into our past present and future. We also had the opportunity to acknowledge and honor the tremendous contributions of Division Head, Dr. Peter Cox, as he retires at the end of the year. It was a great evening - a moment to pause and celebrate the depth and breadth of the contributions from the SickKids Critical Care Program and reflect on the next 50 years. 

Overall, 2018 was a momentous year for Critical Care at SickKids!  Below are some photos from the Gala.

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