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Critical Care Medicine

Our Vision

In 2015 the leadership team and staff in the Department of Critical Care came together to redefine our vision statement.  

We wanted a statement that reflected the care we provide, a statement that we could all live by.  “Aspiring to excellence in critical care…whatever it takes” is dynamic and acknowledges that there will always be new ways to improve, to change and to innovate.   By adding “whatever it takes”, we are stating that we will strive to do everything we can to help our patients and families.  It reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality and safest care possible.  

To build upon this vision, we have established a number of platforms going forward. These include:

  • quality and safety
  • respiratory therapy
  • optimizing resuscitation
  • dynamic education with embedded simulation
  • embracing and utilizing new information technology and big data
  • reducing variability in practice, and 
  • reducing workarounds and understanding humans factors in our delivery of care. 

Included within all of these initiatives is our desire to understand and anticipate problems, and prepare for the future through education and scholarship.