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Critical Care Medicine

Physician education

There is an active and highly structured education program involving both Critical Care staff and numerous experts from within and outside the Hospital. Trainees are encouraged to be active participants at clinical conferences, multidisciplinary rounds and weekly meetings of other subspecialty services such as cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, anesthesia, trauma, transplantation and clinic-pathological conferences.   Visit our Conference listings for both clinicians and physicians.

The Critical Care trainee education program supports the solid organ and bone marrow transplant programs of the Hospital, and provides post-transplantation care to all solid organ transplant recipients. Each year over 50 multi-trauma patients are also admitted as are children with severe sepsis, respiratory failure, metabolic crises, airway obstruction, and for secondary assessment of complex critical illness.  

In addition, standard respiratory and hemodynamic support and monitoring, advanced therapeutics such as peritoneal dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy, ICP monitoring and extracorporeal support (ECMO, VAD and iLA) are routinely employed at the bedside. Given the patient volume and complexity, there is an unequalled exposure to all aspects of the subspecialty of Paediatric Critical Care Medicine for the Critical Care trainee.

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