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Critical Care Medicine

Research activities

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The mission of our research program is to have a large impact on the quality of care and outcomes of critically ill paediatric patients.


    • To promote collaborative multidisciplinary research
    • To communicate our findings broadly
    • To focus on research that ultimately will improve the quality of care of our patients


For a list of our respected research-related affiliations, visit our Partnerships & Affiliations page which highlights many organizations we collaborate with, including:

    • Critical Ontario
    • Critical Care Canada Forum
    • Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
    • Canadian Association for Critical Care Nurses (CACCN)
    • Canadian Critical Care Congress
    • Canadian Critical Care Translational Biology Group
    • Center for Safety Research
    • Canadian Traumatic Brain Injury Research and Clinical Network
    • GWTG Pediatric Research Task Force
    • The International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Maternal-Child Transport Advisory Committee
    • Paediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators
    • Children’s HeartLink
    • Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society
    • Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium
    • Pediatric Critical Care Advisory Committee, Critical Care Services Ontario
    • Pediatric Heart Network
    • Pediatric Neurocritical Care Research Group
    • Risky Business
    • Extracorporeal Life Support Organization
    • International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation
    • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
    • The Canadian Cardiovascular Society


Dr. Peter Laussen
Peter Laussen’s research interests includes focusing on the perioperative management of newborns, infants, children and adults with critical congenital and acquired heart disease. He is the lead developer of an innovative web-based program which enables clinicians to track in real-time the trajectory of patients during treatment in the critical care unit, and in turn, trigger new responses in management (Tracking, Trajectory, Trigger tool, or T3).

Dr. Peter Cox
Peter Cox, Interim Chief and Division Head, PICU, has research interests in optimal ventilator strategies in partial liquid ventilation and ARDS, while minimizing lung injury, as well as nosocomial infection, nature and timing of lung injury during high frequency oxygenation and thrombosis related issues in critically ill children.

Dr. Brian Kavanagh
Brian Kavanagh, staff physician at SickKids and Chair of the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Toronto, runs a laboratory investigating the therapeutic effects of carbon dioxide in critical care and lung injury associated with mechanical ventilation in the ICU in animal models.

Dr. Jamie Hutchison
Jamie Hutchison, Research Director, is investigating serum biomarkers that will help determine outcomes and quality of life for children with traumatic brain injury. He is also investigating hypothermia as a treatment for cardiac arrest induced brain injury in critically ill children as well as in animal models 

Dr. Chris Parshuram
Chris Parshuram is working to identify solutions to reduce preventable causes of morbidity and mortality due to physician error (fatigue). Parshuram has developed the Bedside “PEWS” (Paediatric Early Warning System), a score that has been shown to identify children at risk of having a code blue up to one hour in advance.

Dr. Anne-Marie Guerguerian
Guerguerian’s research aims at bridging the gap between neuroprotective research in animal models and clinical trials in the developing brain of critically ill children. Guerguerian’s current research involves measurement of cerebral physiologic and neurochemical changes occurring after brain injury and multi-centre epidemiological research to characterize the incidence and outcomes of children following traumatic brain injury in order to improve early and long-term outcomes.

Dr. Steven Schwartz
Steven Schwartz, Head of the Division of Cardiac Critical Care at SickKids, has a research program focused on the metabolic consequences of cardiopulmonary bypass in children. This work is dedicated to examining the link between glucose metabolism, inflammation, cardiac and other organ function and outcomes. Schwartz is also involved in the NIH-sponsored Pediatric Heart Network (PHN) and the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium (PC4). The PHN sponsors large-scale multi-centre trials and outcome studies in paediatric cardiac patients, while the PC4 is focused on quality outcomes and examination of best practices in critically ill paediatric cardiac patients.

Dr. Tilman Humpl
Tilman Humpl is working on studies aimed at improving patient care after the Norwood procedure, and therapies for pulmonary hypertension.

Dr. Afrothite Kotsakis
Kotsakis has research interests including the assessment of competency and curriculum development in critical care medicine, the prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest, and simulation to enhance resuscitation performance. 

Ms. Karen Dryden-Palmer
Dryden-Palmer, Advanced Practice Nurse in the PICU is studying the impact of differing implementation strategies on uptake of system interventions.

Dr. Briseida Mema
Mema is the Principle Investigator in search of the optimal bronchoscopy training platform, among other projects.



Research Director 
Dr. Jamie Hutchison

Critical Care Research Manager 
Judy Van Huyse 

Research Project Manager 
Elisa Wilson

Senior Data Analyst 
Helena Frndova 

Junior Data Analyst 
Marla Campbell 

Data Management 
Matthew Van Huyse 

Senior Data Scientist 
Andrew Goodwin 
Robert Greer 

Clinical Research Nurse Coordinators 
Sue Ferri 
Kristen Middaugh 
Anna Colucci 
Geraldine Goco 

Clinical Research Assistants 
Hussein Salehmohemed 
Leanne Fernandes 

Research Fellows 
Saptharishi Lalgudi-Ganesan 
Nadia Roumeliotis 
Danny Eytan 
Maria Jose Soto 
Bhushan Katira 

Research Assistant 
Tiffany Ramanathan 

Clinical Research Project Coordinator 
Catherine Wiseman-Hakes 

Summer Students 
Julia Dirks
Emily Taylor 
Caitlyn Cater

For more information, please contact our Research Director,
Dr. Jamie Hutchison

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