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Critical Care Medicine

Clinical staff

RNs and RRTs with Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) & Cardiac Critical Care Unit (CCCU)

Our frontline staff operations are managed with 300 Registered Nurses and 56 Registered Respiratory Therapists

The PICU and CCCU nursing and respiratory therapy teams are dynamic, energetic and dedicated groups, providing critical care to a complex and diverse patient population. We currently have a staff RN complement of 300, both full time and part time, and 56 RRTs, both full time and part time. We are able to provide our patients with a 80-90 per cent 1:1 nurse patient ratio, with an average of a 1:5 RRT to patient ratio. Front line clinicians are supported by a number of experts practitioners and hands on clinical leadership team. Clinical support nurses, advanced practice nurses, safety teams and research coordinators and all available to support excellence in hour to hour bedside care delivery.

The Clinical Support in Charge Team manages the daily operations of the PICU / CCCU with support from the senior managers. The team meets every month to discuss current practice issues, leadership development and continuing education. This group is integral to advancing practice and innovations in paediatric critical care nursing. The team also has ongoing leadership training opportunities on various topics including: financial management, communication/conflict resolution and change management skills.

Newly hired nurses undergo extensive orientation and transition support. Multimodal approaches including didactic, workshop, simulation and clinical supervision is provided by our in-house education team and experts from the hospital. This preparation is individualized to the needs of each person, is provided over a period of months and includes a preceptorship period.

Our nurses and RRTs support in the pursuit of advanced skills and education for paediatric critical care expertise including:

    • Dialysis, Peritoneal, Hemodialysis, CRRT
    • ECMO Specialist Training, a number of the PICU RNs are Certified ECMO Specialists providing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
    • Chemotherapy and Bio therapy – APHON certified RNs provide therapy to oncology and associated patients
    • Nova Lung – a number of PICU RNs have undergone extensive training to manage patients requiring extracorporeal support for respiratory failure
    • ATLS, TNCC
    • Code Blue Team
    • Bereavement and palliation certificate
    • Pursuit of various fellowship programs like scope and the RNAO

There are many opportunities for the nursing staff to get involved with research on varying topics, from medical therapeutics to process improvement projects.

Our frontline nurses and RRTs contribute to organization initiatives, quality improvement projects, local, national and international education and conference as well as international outreach programs.