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Critical Care Medicine

Clinical Management Team


Our Clinical Management Team consists of a partnership of registered nurses and respiratory therapists, listed below.


Karen Kinnear, RN, BScN, MBA - Vice President Clinical

Karen Kinnear obtained her MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University in 2004. She joined SickKids in 1990 as a staff nurse in Haematology/Oncology. Karen held a variety of positions in the Haematology/Oncology program, including bone marrow transplant coordinator and contact nurse/quality leader. Read more.

Jackie Hubbert, RN, BScN, MBA - Clinical Director, The Labatt Family Heart Centre & PICU

Jackie Hubbert began working at SickKIds in 1993 as an RN on the 4D Inpatient Unit. In 1997 she became the Resource Person for the Unit, then progressed to CHS Manager in 2001. In 2005 Hubbert was instrumental in the development and opening of the new Cardiac Diagnostic and Interventional Unit (CDIU), and was Clinical Manager of the CDIU from 2005 to 2008. From 2008 to 2011 Hubbert was the Clinical Manager for the Cardiac Clinic, Echo Lab and Heart Station. During this time she had many accomplishments; she chaired a hospital wide Bereavement Task Force and was also part of the Women’s Executive Network – Protégé 2011 WXNWisdom Mentoring Program. In 2011, Hubbert was appointed as the Clinical Director for the Labatt Family Heart Centre.

Lakshmi Chockalingam - Senior Manager, CCCU

Lakshmi Chockalingam began her career at William Osler Health System after studying nursing at York University.  After many leadership roles at William Osler including, bed flow, people management and quality and safety initiatives, she transitioned to clinical manager for Medicine, palliative and rehabilitation care programs. She completed her Masters in Nursing Administration at U of T.  She has begun her new role at SickKids as Senior Clinical Manager for the Cardiac Critical Care Program in March 2018.

Mary Chen - Senior Manager Clinical Programs - PICU

Mary Chen graduated from Queen’s University with a B.Sc.N and then from the University of Toronto where she earned an M.N. and M.BA. Mary started at SickKids in 2003 in Burns and Plastics and then joined the PICU RN team in 2006. After being captivated by the critical care team dynamic and constant learning opportunities encountered each day, she was proud to re-join the team as the clinical manager to help the program and staff continue to be current and leaders in CCM.

Christina Sperling, RRT - Clinical Manager Respiratory Therapy

Christina Sperling began her career in respiratory therapy at St. Michael's Hospital after obtaining her Bachelor of Kinesiology from McMaster University and her Diploma in Respiratory Therapy from the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences in Toronto. She is also currently completing her Masters of Science in Community Health at the University of Toronto. Read more.

Karen Dryden-Palmer RN, MN - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Karen Dryden-Palmer is a clinical nurse specialist for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in the Critical Care Medicine Program at SickKids. She is also a central director for National Board of the CACCN. Read more.

Cecilia Hyslop, RN - Advanced Practice Nurse Educator - CCCU

Cecilia Hyslop is an advanced nursing practice educator in the Labatt Family Heart Centre’s Cardiac Critical Care Unit, at SickKids.

Graduating from the University of Ottawa in 1986, she began her career at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Hyslop moved to Toronto in 1990 to work at SickKids in the Paediatric Critical Care Unit. She then completed her Master Degree in Education in 1992, and in 1997 became the nurse educator in the Critical Care Unit. Read more.

Leanne Davidson, RRT - Educator Respiratory Therapy - CCCU

Leanne Davidson is a respiratory therapy educator and a bedside clinician, respiratory therapist. She joined the SickKids team 20 years ago. Leanne was also an original ECMO specialist, first to be trained in Ontario at SickKids. Read more.

Jason Macartney, RRT - ECLS & ECMO Program / Respiratory Therapist Educator

Jason Macartney has been an exceptional addition to our leadership team. He graduated from The Michener Institute for Applied Sciences in 1996 with a diploma in Respiratory Therapy. Read more.

Sophie Joseph, 
Advanced Practice Nurse Educator PICU

Laura Buckley, PICU Nurse Specialist - Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Laura graduated from Western in 2011 with a B.Sc in Honours Biology. She then completed by B.ScN (RN) at Nipissing University in 2013. She started as a new graduate nurse in the SickKids PICU in 2013 after thoroughly enjoying her student placements in critical care. Last year, she completed her Masters of Nursing (MN) at the University of Toronto. This spring she began her interim position as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the PICU under the mentorship of Karen Dryden-Palmer. She is currently loving her new APN role, particularly the ability to participate in both clinical and research-based activities. In her spare time, she enjoys spinning, skiing, and cheering on all Toronto sports teams.

Laura can be reached at 416-813-6486, ext. 202498 or at  laura.buckley@sickkids.ca.

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