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Welcome to the Department of Dentistry


The Department of Dentistry provides integrated secondary, tertiary and quaternary oral care for children, adolescents and teenagers from across Ontario, Canada and around the world. As oral health is directly connected to systemic health, oral care plays a strategic role in the improvement of child health at SickKids. The Department delivers care collaboratively at SickKids, offering the full range of modern specialty services as well as innovative treatment in ambulatory and operating room settings.  

The members of the department are committed to excellence in child health through improved access to care, innovation, research and education. Please follow these links to learn more about Dentistry at SickKids - Who we are, What we do, Education and training and more.


The integrated specialist dental care provided by the SickKids Department of Dentistry is best delivered in a multidisciplinary hospital setting. The department provides the full range of modern paediatric dental, orthodontic, oral surgical and prosthodontic specialty services as well as innovative treatment in the ambulatory and operating room settings for children, adolescents and teenagers.

Dental and craniofacial ambulatory clinics carry out approximately 17,000 patient clinic visits each year, with the vast majority of children seeking care in Dentistry having a medical comorbidity. The small number of children treated without a comorbidity are children younger than three years of age with severe early childhood caries who require extensive dental treatment for which general anesthesia is indicated. In addition, the Department of Dentistry completes more than 1,200 elective cases in the OR as well as more than 400 after-hours emergencies, each year. The Department of Dentistry is the largest oral cleft and craniofacial dental treatment center in the province of Ontario.

Michael Casas, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C), Dentist-in-Chief

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