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Education and training

Education programs within the Department of Dentistry have a heavy clinical emphasis with the intent of immediate application of acquired clinical skills.  The largest education time commitment is assigned to the Paediatric Dental Residency program, with education based primarily within the clinics and operating rooms of the Department of Dentistry, SickKids.

The graduate program in paediatric dentistry is based primarily at the Faculty of Dentistry (University of Toronto) and receives the next most significant time commitment from SickKids staff.  Joint clinical teaching and seminars are provided for the SickKids dental residents and University of Toronto paediatric dentistry graduate students.

Oral and maxillofacial surgical (OMFS) residents rotate through the department with equal time in clinic and operating room settings under the supervision of the staff OMFS.

Orthodontic education at the clinical level is limited to the Orthodontic Fellow while seminars on orthodontic treatment for patients with craniofacial conditions is provided to the graduate students in orthodontics situated primarily at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.  

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Teaching is also provided to undergraduate dental students, students taking summer externships and  medical students/colleagues. Continuing education programs are also provided to the professional community. 

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