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What we do

Dentistry delivers integrated specialist care, partnering with our medical/surgical partners, in the management of our medically complex patient population. The majority of patients are treated in the paediatric dental and orthodontic clinics, with or without minimal conscious sedation.

General anesthetic services are offered to the patient population where safety is compromised if treatment is provided in the conscious patient. Services provided include:

    • consultations
    • preventive care
    • full mouth rehabilitation in the young child
    • complex extractions 
    • cleft lip/palate pre-surgical infant orthopedics
    • endosseous dental implants
    • complex prosthodontics
    • pre and post-craniofacial surgical orthodontics
    • management of acute, severe orofacial infections of dental origin
    • acute and long-term management of orofacial trauma.  



There are two clinics in the Department of Dentistry. This specialist hospital has specific eligibility criteria for all dental services.  Please review eligibility criteria before making a referral. 

See our referrals and community resources page for more.

The Dental Clinic offers, to eligible children:

    • paediatric dental care
    • paediatric oral and maxiollofacial surgery
    • prosthodontics
    • dental trauma assessment and treatment

The Orthodontic Clinic provides specialized orthodontic care to children with cleft lip and/or palate, craniofacial anomalies and a variety of other complex facial conditions.

For clinic location and hours, see Contact us.