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It is the mandate of this clinic to provide a consultation service for paediatric skin conditions of concern to physicians or health care professionals where past treatment has proven unsuccessful or where additional investigation is needed in order to provide treatment and/or diagnosis. The service is provided for patients up to and including the age of 18 years. 

We diagnose and treat:

  • Skin lesions not yet diagnosed
  • Vascular anomalies
  • Nevi
  • Dermatitis
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Hair / Nail abnormalities
  • Complicated Acne
  • Genodermatoses
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Infections
  • Tumors/ Nodules

For more information, please contact us.

Who we are

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What we do

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Research activities

Thank you for visiting the Dermatology Clinical Research page. Department faculty members play major roles in local, national, and international research organizations.