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Diagnostic imaging
Diagnostic Imaging

Current Studies in Diagnostic Imaging

Utility of modern ultrasound techniques in the evaluation of cerebral venous


Dr. Manohar Shroff, The Hospital for Sick Children


This study will evaluate whether Ultrasound (US) is a good imaging technique to demonstrate the normal cerebral veins in neonates and specifically whether it is as accurate as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and/or Computed Tomography (CT). If US is shown to be effective, this will reduce the need for detailed imaging with CT/MRI and may help avoid the risk of radiation with CT scans and sedation for MRI. In cases where CT and/or MRI may still be needed, the findings from US can help reduce the time for such studies (for example: avoiding IV contrast on CT studies or avoiding the MR venography sequence, and hence potentially improving safety).


The study will compare findings of Ultrasound-Doppler imaging to magnetic resonance venography (MRV) or computed tomography venography (CTV) in newborn children.  Through this, it will be determined whether Ultrasound-Doppler imaging is as good as MRI or CT to define the normal anatomy and different characteristic of the veins of the brain. An Ultrasound of the vessels will be performed within 10 hours of a patient's MR or CT study, with a total of 58 patients in the study. With Ultrasound-Doppler, we will study the flow of blood in veins and we will try to see if there is any blockage to the normal flow. Our overall aim is to prospectively evaluate the feasibility of visualization of normal dural venous sinuses, their patency, and normal variations with Ultrasound in newborn children (preterm & term), using cross sectional imaging (MRI and/or CT) as reference standards. Our specific aim is to examine if Ultrasound is as accurate as MRI and/or CT in the evaluation of dural venous sinuses.


Neonates (up to 28 days old) and preterm infants who need a clinically indicated brain MR and MRV as part of their diagnostic workup.


Study complete.

Contact Information

Dr. Manohar Shroff
Phone: 416-813-3673


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SickKids Trainee’s Start-up Fund