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Diagnostic imaging
Diagnostic Imaging

Administrative Services

Administrative Services, within Diagnostic Imaging, consists of a team of dedicated support staff.  They provide administrative and office support to medical and management staff, as well as academic/scientific support in the preparation of presentations, lectures, publications, book chapters and research grants.  Administrative assistants provide support to the radiologist-in-chief, the managing director, radiologists, scientists, fellows, residents and managers. 

Administrative Services underwent a redesign to enhance services and to further streamline workflow processes:

  • Our residency coordinator works with the Residency Program director to ensure that all criteria for the rotating residents coming to DI are met. From organizing their orientation and training to scheduling their daily shifts, she provides the residents with the administrative support they require to complete their rotation.
  • Our Fellowship Program has evolved over the past year with a total of 70 applications for ten funded and ten self-funded fellowship positions. The administrative team processes all of the applications and coordinates all interviews for these candidates. Administration of the Paediatric Fellowship Program is focused on ensuring that each fellow’s program admission criteria and on-going regulatory criteria are met while maintaining our accreditation with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

We support conferences/courses within our Department by organizing all of the administrative aspects including cost management, pamphlet design, registration, organization of events, creation of symposium manuals and compilation of all evaluations post-conference.

Administrative Assistants  

Jill Hynes
Admin Assistant to 
Dr. Manohar Shroff, Radiologist-in-Chief
Wayne Lee, Director
Room 2109, Burton Wing


Patricia Ramos
Admin Assistant to Drs. Doria, Dunkley and Taylor
Room 08.9800, The Learning Tower

Cindy Sawyer
Admin Assistant to Drs. Aquino, Blaser, Greer, Krishnan and Widjaja
Room 2107C, Burton Wing

Katherine McLaren
Admin Assistant to Drs. John, Oudjhane, Chavhan, Stimec and Thomas
Room 2107C, Burton Wing

Suranna Monah
Admin Assistant to Drs. Branson, Connolly, Laughlin, MacDonald and Wagner
Room M644, Atrium

Joanne Fernandes
Manager, Administrative Services
Phone: 416-813-6073
Fax: 416-813-7654

Caroline Robertson
Admin Assistant to Drs. Mann, Shammas, Vali, Lam, and Yoo
Room 2107C, Burton Wing

Julie Prior
Admin Assistant to Drs. Amaral, Muthusami, Parra and Temple, Albert Aziza
Room 2234, Burton Wing

Sarah Bakhit
Admin Assistant to Drs. Daneman, Manson, Navarro and Traubici
Room M644, Atrium