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Diagnostic imaging
Diagnostic Imaging

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Blaser Wins Gold!

Dr. Susan Blaser, Neuroradiologist in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging, was awarded the 2013 American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology Gold Medal Award at the American Society of Neuroradiology Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, May 21, 2013.

Dr. Blaser has received numerous national and international awards, including seven teaching awards from the University of Toronto.  She has contributed to hundreds of publications, edited several books and is a global authority on imaging of inner ear congenital anomalies and metabolic anomalies of the brain.  

Congratulations, Dr. Blaser, on this prestigious award!


DI Research Seed Grant June 2013 Competition

We are pleased to announce the successful applicants of the DI Research Seed Grant June 2013 Competition:

Dr. Mary-Louise Greer for her project: Screening of perianal fistulae in children using MR enterography

Dr. Shi-Joon Yoo for his project: The role of chest x-rays in estimating ventricular function in congenital heart disease

Dr. Lydia Bajno & Dr. Jennifer Stimec for their project: The effect of radiology residency program structure on resident interpretation of pediatric radiographs