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Diagnostic imaging
Diagnostic Imaging

GI GU X-Ray (Fluoroscopy)

In GI/GU X-ray, we visualize disorders of the Gastro-Intestinal or Genito-Urinary system. We use the combination of real time imaging and x-ray contrast medium (barium).

Some of our procedures may be completed quickly within 30 minutes or continue for several hours. For most of our Gastro-Intestinal procedures patients require preparation and for our Genito-Urinary procedures patients require a bladder catheterization with x-ray contrast medium.

We’re leaders in reducing intussusceptions using air and are a main referral centre for acute feeding studies in Southern Ontario.

Our expert staff ensure minimal invasiveness, the lowest possible dose of radiation and the highest level of service.

For physicians wishing to request a GI/GU X-ray:  Request for Diagnostic Imaging Form.

Manager: Joanne Fernandes
Team Leader: Dawn-Ann Lebarron
Modality Head:
Erika Mann 

Phone: 416-813-6068
Fax: 416-813-6043
Location: 2nd floor, Burton wing (follow the signs for Diagnostic Imaging)