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The Hospital for Sick Children

After the Honeymoon

The goal of this program is to help families continue to acquire the knowledge, support, and tools they require to maintain the child's blood sugar control after the honeymoon period. This program is designed for children and families who have lived with diabetes for six to 12 months.

Program Objectives

Families will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of good blood sugar control.
  • Understand the action of their specific kinds of insulin.
  • Utilize blood sugar results as a decision making tool.
  • Make insulin dose adjustments between clinic visits.
  • Take home new strategies for managing the challenges of living with diabetes.

Program Format

This program is facilitated jointly by a diabetes nurse educator, physician, and social worker.

  • The importance of working together as a team to maintain good blood sugar control will be discussed.
  • Potential barriers to good control will be identified and solutions will be discussed.