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General and Thoracic Surgery
General and Thoracic Surgery


Paediatric General Surgery     Neonatal Surgical Fellowship     Trauma Fellowship

The Division of General and Thoracic Surgery offers three fellowship programs for General Surgeons:

Paediatric General Surgery

The Paediatric Surgery Training Program at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is a two-year residency accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. There is a reciprocity agreement between the Royal College and Residency Review Committee and ACGME in the United States, so that at the successful completion of this experience, the trainee will be qualified for examinations in Paediatric General Surgery given by the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Surgery.

The Division of General Surgery primarily cares for children with abdominal and thoracic problems, although a significant number of children with anomalies, neoplasms or acquired lesions of the head and neck, and extremities and genitourinary tract are also seen. In addition to this exposure, the paediatric surgery trainee receives training in advanced minimal access surgery, liver and small bowel transplantation and trauma.

Currently, we select one person per year for this position through the National Resident Matching Program.  All positions start on July 1, and applications must be completed and submitted approximately 19 months prior to the expected starting date.

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Neonatal Surgical Fellowship

The Neonatal Surgical Fellowship is one year in duration.  Candidates must have completed their adult General Surgery training, or an equivalent amount of training, in their home country.

The Neonatal Fellow is responsible for managing the surgical patients in the NICU in collaboration with the surgical Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, the General and Thoracic Surgery Residents (Fellows) and the Neonatology Team.  This includes rounding on the patients each day, identifying problems and developing a daily plan, performing whatever procedures are required, participating in family and multidisciplinary meetings and acting as a liaison between the surgical staff and the neonatal team.

The NICU Fellow takes on average 1 in 4 call in rotation with the General and Thoracic Surgery residents.  During these calls, the fellow will cover the inpatients on the General Surgery service and consults in the emergency department and the wards, and will also serve as the Trauma Team Leader.  The Fellow will do any emergency cases that are performed during these calls.

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Trauma Fellowship

The Trauma Fellowship is one year in length. The Trauma Fellow is the Trauma Team Leader during weekdays and when on call for the General and Thoracic Service.

The Trauma Fellow must respond to Code 50 activations within five minutes.  They must provide comprehensive TTL care to traumatized patients from trauma room through final disposition and handover to admitting service.  In addition the TTL must handle phone calls regarding transfer of traumatized patients and facilitate their transfer to SickKids.

During the Fellowship, the Trauma Fellow will provide Senior Paediatric Surgical Resident coverage an average of five nights per month.  They will be responsible for the management of the Paediatric Surgical in-service and consultations to inpatient units and emergency along with supervision of junior Paediatric Surgical Residents while on-call.  Operative experience is primarily based on "on-call" exposure.

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