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Transition tools and adult appointments

Transition tools and adult appointments 

Here are some tools and resources that can help your transition leave you feeling like you have the knowledge and skills to maintain your healthy lifestyle.  For more information on transition check out the Good 2 Go website

Readiness checklist 

  • How ready are you to move into the adult health system?  The Readiness Checklist helps teens who are preparing to graduate assess their “readiness” for transition.
  • Access it yourself or talk to your healthcare team about working on it together.
  • There are also checklists for your parents and/or guardian if you think this might help them prepare for the change as well.

The three sentence summary (Brochure)

  • The three sentence summary helps recap your health history in three sentences. 
    • Sentence 1—your age and your main medical problems (example: I’m 18 and have had HIV my whole life, but am otherwise healthy.)
    • Sentence 2—hospitalizations, your medications and any problems you are having with them (example: I had one hospitalization last year for an infection and am on _______.)
    • Sentence 3—Any current problems you are having (example: Everybody in my family is sick with a cough and I have it too)
  • Being able to tell your health history in three sentences sends the message that you know about your health and that you can focus on what is important.
  • Follow up questions are common.  This doesn't mean that you have left out important information- just that you have given enough information so that the provider knows what to ask next.

MyHealth Passport (Brochure)

  • A wallet sized card that lists your medical conditions, past procedures/treatments, medications, allergies, and other health issues. 
  • The HIV/AIDS template  has specific questions regarding HIV which make the passport very useful.
  • The first time you create a passport, work with your health care provider who can provide you with accurate information. 
  • It is a good idea to carry the passport with you at all times and show it to all providers.
  • Email it to yourself to have an electronic version!

 Transition booklet

Transition timeline

  • Now that you are actively thinking about transition, a good resource is the ID2 Ready, Set, Good 2 Go Timeline.
  • The timeline can help you and your parent/guardian make plans about how you can become more independent in your family/support system, with friends and in relationships, at school, and with your health-care providers.


  • Think about this transition as a graduation rather than a transfer.
  • Talk to your health-care professional about getting a Graduation Certificate.

First adult appointment

Making it to your first appointment in the adult system can be difficult.  ID2 will help you decide which clinic/program will be right for you. Some of the things to think about when making this decision are:

  • Location
  • Type of Clinic
  • Where your family/friends might go
  • School or work plans

Learn as much as you can about the individual clinics.  After you have made your decision, your first appointment is usually set up by ID2.  Most of the time this appointment happens before your last visit at SickKids

Touring your new adult clinic before the first appointment is sometimes possible.  After the tour it is a good idea to share how this experience went with your team here at SickKids so planning for the transition can continue.