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Complex Care Transition Resource Guide

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Adolescents who have complex care needs and require on-going care from multiple types of providers (e.g., healthcare, respite, etc) for their entire lives have unique and complicated needs during the transition from paediatric to adult care.  Many families face challenges as their children age out of the public education system, children’s funding programs and children’s treatment centres. Not surprisingly, the process of transition can be overwhelming for families who live day-by-day.  

As more youth with complex care needs survive into adulthood, preparing early is vital in order to meet the medical, social, academic, and financial needs of these young adults.  

The Complex Care Transition Resource Guide  provides steps and contact information for Ontario families in planning for their teen with complex needs as they graduate from the paediatric system. Consider beginning to discuss these steps with your child’s health care, education and other support teams (e.g., CCAC)  around your child’s 15th birthday (or even earlier!).