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Good 2 Go
Good 2 Go


There is evidence that young adults with a chronic illness or disability are less likely to be employed at the level of their ability (or even fully employed) when compared to other young people.  Gainful employment, while not a medical outcome, is still an important part of transition.

Good 2 Go encourages all programs to talk about future goals with teens and their families, including those related to education and employment. As many teens go on to post-secondary education, questions about these plans will be raised when adolescents are entering high school (to ensure that they are taking a level of courses that will allow them to pursue the education they want) and throughout their high school experience. Consider speaking to your health-care provider at your next appointment.   

Check out the handout on Youth Employment Centres in GTA  for a list of agencies that provide counseling and preparation for youth for looking for employment.