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Good 2 Go
Good 2 Go

Transition Clinic

Information for Youth and Parents

What is the “Transition Clinic?”

Good 2 Go offers a weekly clinic for SickKids patients (ages 12-17) who want to learn more about transitioning and develop skills to feel prepared. In some circumstances, we can also work with parents and caregivers on transition related concerns or include parents in discussions (with consent of the patient).  

How do I get referred?

Talk to one of your SickKids’ health-care providers and ask them to make a referral. Additional referral information  for your providers can be found here.  Patients can also make a self referral by calling us or emailing us.  

What will happen once my referral goes through?

The referral will be reviewed by the Good 2 Go Transition Program and we will call you to explain a little bit more about the clinic and in most cases offer you an assessment appointment.  (If we don’t think we are the right place to offer you support, we can try to help you find other services that are better suited).  

What happens at an initial assessment?

During an initial assessment appointment, we will ask you some questions about your life (such as your family, school, mood) and your thoughts on your health and health management. We will ask you some questions about your experiences here at SickKids and what arrangements are being made for your transfer to adult care.  We will also talk about how prepared you feel right now for adult life and adult health care.  During the assessment, we can start discussing some of differences between adult health care and SickKids health care and what you might expect as a patient in the future.

What happens after the initial assessment?

There are a number of different things that can happen following the initial assessment. We try to make sure you will end the assessment appointment with a plan. This can include, identifying tasks to work on, providing resources and suggestions, and helping you learn what to do to prepare for the transition to adult care.

Some patients discover during the initial assessment that they feel prepared for adult care and do not need further follow up in our clinic. However, most patients find from the assessment that there are quite a few concerns that they want to discuss further or activities they would like to do with the Good 2 Go team to prepare for adult health care. In this case, we develop a transition treatment plan and offer additional appointments to build your skills and knowledge. We can work closely with you, your family and your health-care team to make you feel Good 2 Go!   

Can my parents or caregivers come with me to appointments?

Yes! And you can also attend without a caregiver. We will talk about who should be included with you before your appointment – as there may be some parts you might choose to do on your own and some parts that you might like a family member to attend with you.

What about support for parents of youth with cognitive impairments or developmental delay?

The Good 2 Go Transition Treatment Clinic can also offer support for patients and the parents of youth with developmental delay and/or cognitive impairments. We recommend parents attend the initial appointment and in certain cases, we may work exclusively with the parent or caregiver.

Where is the Good 2 Go Transition Clinic?

We are located on the 7th floor of SickKids in the ‘Black Wing’.  The easiest way to find us is to take the elevators that are in front of the main floor Shoppers Drug Mart to the 7th floor.  Follow the signs on the wall for Adolescent Medicine/ Teen Clinic to register with the information clerk.  

How do I contact your program?

Click HERE for contact us for more information or self-referral.